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Angelina Johnson's Journal

Thursday, April 3, 2003


After yesterday I would have thought Fred would be gloating in all of his post April Fool's Day glory but instead I haven't seen him at all.

Fred: really you don't have to be THAT worried about my parents coming. And please take the charms off my broom. Katie's and Alicia's seem to be quiet now but mine still keeps propositioning me.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2003


Well, I managed to get my journal back and kicked Fred out of it. I also changed my password and encoded it so he won't be able to hack into it again.

I admit I kept the rather amusing Sex Machine picture though.

I find it incredibly hard to stay angry at him when he makes me laugh so much. I mean he did hack into my journal but his entries were rather harmless and oh so very funny to me. Sometimes he infuriates me to no end but at the end of the day, he makes me laugh.

I pity the Slytherin girls who obviously have NO sense of humor. I can't imagine dating someone like Malfoy. The boy wouldn't know a good joke if one came up and bit him on the ass.

Speaking of which, the prank pulled on the Slytherins went off like a dream. Was music to my ears to have Snape actually award us points today and hear such things like, "You're so much smarter, wiser, braver, cuter than I" from the likes of Pansy, Tracey, Blaise, and Millicent Bullstrode. Bravo to Fred, George and special agent Lee.

I even heard Malfoy talk about how charmed he was whenever Harry was around. Told you all he was obssessed. Don't worry, Hannah. Am quite sure Harry doesn't return those feelings!

Oh and Fred? You are turning this charm off the brooms before my parents come to Dumbledore's meeting with 7th years aren't you? Are your parents coming as well? What about you, Alicia? They're supposed to go over some of our options for the future and all that. I get the impression Fred is quite concerned about meeting my mum and dad.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2003


Oh I love that man of mine.

Oh yes I do.

He gets me all tingly.

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Monday, March 31, 2003

9:39PM - Attention:


The size of his broom is most impressive as well.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

11:26PM - Owls

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Saturday, March 29, 2003

10:27AM - Private Entry

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Friday, March 28, 2003


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9:14AM - (Private entry for my eyes only)

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1:06AM - Return owl to Ginny

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

11:59PM - Fred and Colin

Just when I think I understand Fred he shocks me to no end.

This is actually the second time he's shocked me in the past few days.Collapse )

Now he's joined the class. I'm in shock. I really am.

I'm off to seek out news on the search for Colin, am worried. This can't be good.

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Where is Colin Creevey anyway? Colin's missing and now Ginny's wand ... I can't help but be suspicious ...

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12:15PM - Grumbling about Snape

I am so tired, stayed up way too late last night working on my Potions project with Alicia and Katie. I really question Snape's teaching methods. Yes, by now I should be used to it, heck we all should be used to it, but in all honesty I don't feel like I've ever learned a thing in his classes. Everything I ever got from potions is from my own studying and reading. I just can't concentrate in his class, he's always so negative to us Gryffindors. I can only imagine what he's like to the 5th years since his hatred of Harry is so famous. (What is that all about anyway? What did Harry ever do to him?) It's bad enough that he knows I am dating Fred and so he associates me with practical jokes (ok, I admit it, I enjoy them once in a while but nothing like the twins do) and thinks I can't be serious.

Last I looked I was my own person, seperate from my boyfriend, thank you very much. Of course as I'm sure Ron and Ginny can attest to the fact that he hates anything and everything to do with the Weasleys, almost as much as he hates Harry.

I don't believe a professor should allow his blantant personal issues with people get in the way of MY education. I suppose that's why I am angry.

That and the fact that this grade means something to me. This is my last year at Hogwarts which means I need to start thinking about my future and I've no idea what I want to do with it at this point. I love Quidditch with every breath of my being, but I don't think I want to play it professionally.

I just don't know.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003


I suppose some people would think a play that nearly knocks someone off their broom and could have potentally have been life threatening wouldn't be an illegal one. Typical.

If Anyone knows where Colin Creevey is Fred, George, and myself are trying to find him. We'd like to know if he got any photos of the game and this illegal play in action.

Harry: I am so glad you're alright.

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Thursday, March 20, 2003


Sometimes I wonder why I let Alicia talk me into the things that I do. She's the main reason I am here in the library trying to figure out this Muggle contraption and am even taking muggle_studies in the first place.

There was a conflict in my schedule and I had an hour free up this year to study, practice my game, and just relax but of course I made the mistake of telling Alicia and Katie this. Next thing I know they're challenging me to take another course in my free time.

I've never been able to back down from a serious challenge. I also never thought I'd be attempting to learn how to use Muggle computers either.

I figure it will be good for me to know this sort of thing and as this is my last year at Hogwarts its really my last chance to take this course so ... here I am.

Heh. Fred will be so disapointed. He thought he'd skip class at times during my free hour so we could have some snog sessions!

::waves:: Hi everyone.

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